painted flags

by the red fens

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released April 4, 2016

guitar/vocals/lyrics: jon malley

drums: drew mclindon

bass: kenny eaton

recording engineer/mixing/mastering: kenny eaton

recorded at mystery ton studios, monrovia, md



all rights reserved


the red fens

Washington, D.C.

for booking and info, send an e-mail to

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Track Name: beachrat
look at me
i'm a pitfall slider
sharp as a tack as i bum around Breathless
hopefully there's a lot more to me
cause lord knows the outside got nothin to spare

i know ya dreamin of some cocktail thunder
but look in my eyes, does it seem like i care?
cause i do and it's the lie that kills me
a double-jointed heart with a deadbeat stare

another vice under boardwalk
and the splinters and wear
speak to me, it's a nice, rich cherry
but you couldn't tell, on account of the glare
it's like a cross of a hitchhike rover
with the scum that you meet at the base of the stairs
casually i leave town burnin, an irish goodbye like a polar bear

i'm too cold to move on just like that
i don't want your righteous pity for the plight of the beach rat

it's like heated pools and painted flags
you never need them til you NEED them
Track Name: puedo ver rojo
ridin out of memphis, across the mississippi
as the sun melts away the dashboard
i had no one to speak for in oklahoma city
so i touched down in amarillo

the town was dry at the hour of night
and the heat was hangin in the air
another route 66 helium mine
just wasted, i don't care

just move me on west, keep on pushin til i touch the sea
and if no god'll save us then i'll see you in vegas
- call me, i'll leave you a room key

road into albuquerque bout the middle of the day,
there was no one who could help me move
went about the old town in a demon sway
my thoughts went rojo oh! verde
spent the night up in the hills out along the border
with the stars so clear, and the stars so right
sordid peaceful beauty keeps my soul a-burnin
let's me rest my head at night
Track Name: kanashibari
wanna dig up some reflective paint
gonna float you some, gonna do it in cross-stitch
if it comes undone, we know no misery
it was pins and needles while it lasted

oh baby, you make me feel like a stranger
you make me wanna sleep just to get away
and that's how it is, it's just this imminent danger
your tremblin eyes, i'm trying to allay

steady my hand on the drivin wheel
and i was starin at space (you were starin at nothin)
got a bleeding heart and some electric tape
gonna keep it well, gonna wrap it in plastic
Track Name: gridlock
i feel like a dog shittin by the side of the road on his last limbs
eatin by mosquitoes, and the acorn bombs a-fallin
a hundred feet high
in the jungle
in the night

all i hear's the cars, a-hittin,
the ruts and the holes and the soundwaves
needn't bounce along the railcars,
out a style and obsolete between the highway
sinkin under

and my eyes are dry beyond repair
so i steal a glance beyond what's there
i wrinkled my jacket, could you straighten me out?

the city chews me up with small talk
"how's ya weekend?" "just the same"
i'm just dyin
as i live for such, a raincoat
misanthropy resolved- it's in my sightline
with the skyline
fadin red